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Yes, we do ship

We carry many items that are especially designed for us or they are a limited edition. They are special and therefore we can imagine that you would like to have them shipped to your home! Other items are maybe higher priced or not available in your country.

Many reasons

Many reasons to have these items shipped. We want to help you to realize that in an easy way.

How it works

Small parcels:       Either we ship them to your hotel or we tell you right away what the costs will be to ship them to your home.

Bigger parcels:      After receiving your address we will e-mail or text you within a day what the costs and delivery time will be.

Special orders:      There are many interesting items which need some time to order. That is not a problem. Within two days we will inform you about the shipment costs and the time of delivery. After your decision we will wait for your down payment and we will order the product(s).

Website:                  Most of our products you will find on our website. We have a small web shop but most of the other products, like furniture, can be ordered and shipped also. Please send us your request and we will inform you right away about all the possibilities like various sizes, colours, delivery time and the shipping costs.

Questions?                alouettebeekman@frozenfountain.nl